The Sixth Shandong Cultural Industries Fair held in Jinan

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Yesterday, the opening ceremony of the sixth Shandong Cultural Industries Fair was held in Ji’nan. Agreements on 20 important cultural projects were signed on the spot, which were the highlights of the exhibition. Agreement on a project from China-Georgia (Yantai) Silk Road Cultural Innovation Center which was recommended by Yantai Hi-tech Zone, on behalf of Yantai, was signed. It is the only Sino-foreign cultural cooperation project on which agreement was signed on the spot in the Fair.

China - Georgia (Yantai) Silk Road Cultural Innovation Center is an international platform for art & culture exchanges established by Yantai Hi-tech Zone who seizes the strategic opportunities of the implementation of “The Belt and Road” initiative and gives play to the unique advantages of Yantai Sino-Russian Hi-tech Industrialization Cooperative Demonstration Base in international exchange and cooperation in the last 20 years to promote deep and practical exchanges in science, technology and culture between China and Georgia. It is an important measure taken by Yantai Hi-tech Zone to promote the Silk Road High Tech Park Alliance to seek deep and practical cooperation.

China - Georgia (Yantai) Silk Road Cultural Innovation Center was set up by Yantai Hi-tech International Sci-Tech Cooperation Company, a state-owned company in Yantai Hi-tech Zone and Georgia Gino Holding Group Co., Ltd. Jointly. It relies on the Sino-Russian Innovation Park and is committed to promoting bilateral practical cooperation in cultural tourism, sculpture art, wine and other areas. To ensure the successful progress of the project, the two sides strive to establish and improve the three safeguard measures. First, to establish information sharing mechanism. The cultural information exchange and sharing mechanism established by the two sides takes the building of Chinese-Georgian culture information database as the guide. Depending on this mechanism, information on cultural projects will be released and updated; online negotiating and matchmaking platform will be established for possible cooperation between Chinese and Georgian cultural enterprises. Second, to set up resident offices in China and Georgia. China-Georgia Silk Road Cultural Innovation Center is located in Yantai Hi-tech Zone in Shandong, and a similar institute is established in Tbilisi, Georgia. Branch offices are also set up in Gori, Borjomi and Batumi. The two parties will establish friendly consultation system or convene irregular meetings to negotiate future cooperation and projects. Third, to strengthen economic and trade cooperation. In the key cooperation areas, such as the wine culture, food culture, sculpture and tourism, regular project promotion and industry exchange matchmaking will be arranged to promote the depth of cooperation between the two parties.