Yantai High-tech Zone Invited to Attend the First Russia-China Innovation Investment Forum and the 33rd IASP International Science and Technology Parks Conference

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Recently, invited by Russian Venture Company(PBK) and the organizing committee of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation, Yantai high-tech zone dispatched representatives to attend the first Russia-China Innovation Investment Forum in Moscow, Russia and the 33rd IASP International Science and Technology Parks Conference as member units.

The Russia-China Innovation Investment Forum was held under the auspices of Russian Venture Company, Science and Innovation Council of Sino Russian Friendship Peace and Development Committee and Venture Capital Profession Commission of China and was co-organized by China’s High and New Technology Industry Development Eurasian Market Strategic Cooperation Union(The Torch Eurasian Union), the Russian Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the Russian Venture Capital Association, etc, which is highly positioned and has achieved good results.

The forum has provided a platform of communication and cooperation for both China and Russia, creating excellent conditions for them both to draw investment mutually, do research, implement co-invest projects and improve current investment environment for both countries. Arkady Dvorkovych, the vice premier of Russia, Andre Fomitschow, Vice Minister of economic development and Zheng Shimin, China embassy minister counsellor in Russia have attended the forum and delivered a speech. Moreover, the chairman of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, the acting general manager of “RVC”, Chairman of the board of directors of Innovation Investment Group in Shen Zhen, the president of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd., Chairman of Fudan Fuhua Technologies Inc and other representatives from Russian and Chinese governments, enterprises, research institutions, universities and colleges as well as individual investors in the area of technical innovation and risk investment have attended the forum and made a speech.

During the forum, Russian and Chinese venture capital enterprises and experts have had a discussion on the investment environment of Russia and China, Russian national supportive policy for innovation technology and the successful cases of how some Russian and Chinese science and technology enterprises enter two countries’ markets. Andre Fomitschow, Vice Minister of economic development, indicated that excellent conditions must be created for the open communication platform in order to boost the diversified development of Russian-Chinese innovation projects. On this platform, relevant national institutions, major investment funds, enterprises and market experts are able to discuss the controversial topics straight-forward. Only by developing Russian-Chinese joint innovation projects, can we achieve the goal of reaching 200 billion USD in bilateral trade volume before 2020 proposed by the leaders of both countries. With the above mentioned purposes, Russia and China have promised to strengthen cooperation in the area of innovation.
The International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation(IASP), known as the Olympics of international science parks, also has its 33rd international conference held from 19th to 22nd this month in Moscow, Russia. Yantai high-tech zone, a China national science and technology business incubator of development of high-tech industrialization, has attended the conference as the member of IASP. 73 countries, 410 elite science and technology parks and 1600 representatives from all over the world have attended the conference. Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister and Sabinin, Moscow mayor both were also present on the spot in person.
During the conference, 410 representatives of science and technology parks from all over the world visited Sino-Russian Science and Technology Innovation Center co-established by Yantai high-tech zone and Moscow science and technology parks. The representatives of Yantai high-tech zone have discussed cooperation with those excellent science and technology parks from Iran, Greece, Romania and Norway etc, getting information about  dozens of high-tech projects and greatly improving international cooperation. The visitors spoke highly of the role that Yantai high-tech zone played in connecting the innovation net between China and the world, expressing their willingness to cooperate with Yantai high-tech zone and further with China in the area of science innovation. Iran, Romania and Czech have reached cooperate intention and planned to pay a visit to Yantai high-tech zone to explore further bilateral cooperation.    

Relying on the Sino-Russia base and considering their reality and mission, Yantai high-tech will be dedicated to the promotion of international cooperation and exploration of new ways for international collaborative innovation, drawing experience from well developed science and technology parks worldwide. In July this year, the General Assembly of Silk Road High Tech Park Alliance Seminar and Establishment were held successfully in Yantai. Government sectors, science and technology parks, guests from university research institutes and representatives from hi-tech zones at provincial and above level with those from enterprises from 7 countries along the route of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” involving Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia and Lithuania have attended the conference, establishing “the Silk Road High Tech Park Alliance”. At the conference, representatives communicated and signed a series of cooperation agreements, yielding substantial results. Nowadays, Yantai high-tech zone has improved its ability in international cooperation and become one of the influential foreign cooperate zones in China.