Experimental Studies on the new techniques of Saccharification of Starch

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Chinese institution: Yantai Qi Yuan Institute of Microbiology Co., LTD
Foreign institution: Georgia National Academy of Sciences

Project profile:In the project of the new techniques of saccharification of starch, we, cooperating with Georgia National Academy of Sciences, introduced a kind of strain that can produce, secrete enzymatic activity with both heat resistant amylase and saccharifying enzyme. The enzyme the strain produces makes liquefaction and Saccharification occur simultaneously, transferring ___  starch into glucose. The techniques overcome the problems of the current technique of saccharification of starch, bi-enzyme, which involves complicated techniques, high phosphorus and too many by-products, establishing the technique process and the corresponding change of conditions that can omit the step of applying amylase and saccharifying enzyme separately. The strain’s quality of heat-resisting can also reduce the possibilities of infecting bacteria during the process of production. The application of the technique reduces the cost greatly and contributes to the improvement and stabilization of the quality of the product. Meanwhile, it can lower the cost of producing alcohol by starch fermentation and make it easier to____