The Application of Low Level Laser in Promoting Regeneration of Intervertebral Disc Cartilage

Date:2016-10-22 10:32  Author:admin   Click:
Chinese company: Shandong Guangyao Electrical co.,Ltd
Russian company: Saint Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University

Project profile: the project focuses on an world-leading technology that completely transforms the current situation and traditional idea of treating Cervical and lumbar disc disease, breaking through the bottleneck perplexing experts all over the world—how to make intervertebral Disc cartilage tissue regenerate and recover.

At present, the laser techniques applied to treat intervertebral disc disease in China are mainly ND:YAG lasers introduced from Japan which typically emit light with a wavelength of 1064 nm. Due to its poor hydrophilicity, the technique fails to work for Intervertebral Disc tissue with high moisture content. Besides, with high penetrability, ND:YAG lasers have negative effects on tissue adjacent to disc.

This technique makes it possible for intervertebral disc tissue to regenerate and recover spontaneously, restoring the physiological function of the spine safely. The two parties have signed agreement, and Russian experts will be assigned to give direction and training in China every year. The first Clinicians trained will be able to apply this technique as soon as possible.