Silk Road Hi-tech Park Alliance Established Exchange and Cooperation Mechanism for Universities and Developed Practical Cooperation with CIS Countries on the Platform for Exchanging Students

Date:2016-11-10 13:53  Author:admin   Click:
“Silk Road Hi-tech Park Alliance”has been taking “science and technology cooperation with Russia”, “trading with Russia” and “exchanging students”as the main platforms of the Alliance to promote cooperation. In order to better serve the platforms, the Alliance has set up specialized agencies and staff them properly in accordance with the functions of these platforms.
To establish exchange and cooperation mechanism for universities and encourage the universities in Yantai to communicate actively with those in CIS countries, Yantai HI-tech Zone urges Yantai University and the Don State Technical University to establish cooperation, with the purpose of jointly establishing high level engineering and getting access to cutting edge technology. The two parties have set up institutes respectively to teach Chinese and Russian. They have also exchanged teachers and students. Yantai Hi-tech Zone also actively promotes the exchange between Ludong University and Agricultural University of Georgia in agriculture, microbiology and other areas on the base of Sino-Georgia Joint Research Center for Microbiology. Besides, it encourages Yantai Vocational College, Yantai Business Vocational School and other vocational schools to carry out pragmatic cooperation with universities in CIS countries in order to improve the level of the universities and schools. 
In July 2016, Sino-Russian Center of Yantai Hi-tech Zone carried out Study Abroad program in which 139 Chinese students were sent to study in such universities as the Done State Technical University. Now, many colleges in Yantai have recognized and come to value the program and actively communicate with the center. It is estimated that there will be more than 300 students sent to study in CIS countries by the end of July.